vrijdag, oktober 22, 2004

It's happened!

So, we've got it! Scott's official letter saying that his residency permit has been accepted ("Hiermee vermeld ik U dat Uw aanvraag tot verlening van een verblijfsvergunning voor bepaalde tijd ingewilligd is." As they say in Dutch!). It's been a long and drawn out procedure but this now means that we are both legal residents of The Netherlands and both have the opportunity (and right) to work and live here. Isn't that so cool!

It takes a long time and it unbelivably frustrating but it's all completely worth it simply by getting this letter. Yipee! this means that as soon as Scott's Dutch course finishes we can actually start living here as a ordinary (and as of 23d April 2005, married!) couple! It's so cool to think that we as British and American citizens have the right to move here, live here, work here and marry here and then enjoy all the rights and benefits that are attached to that. Life is just great isn't it!

All of a sudden all the hassle with the Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst (Immigration Office), the Vreemdelingepolitie (Aliens Police), Inburgeringdienst (Integration Office), Afdeling Burgerzaken van de Gemeente Utrecht (civil service section of the Utrecht city council) all seems worth it. I still think that there's no point Scott beginning to work until after we get married. before then we may as well enjoy the fact that we have spare time. Time in which to get settled here, time in which to relish in the fact that we are both legal residents in a great country. We're not in any financial difficulties adn we've got time to look for a job and ensure that whatever Scott ends up doing is something which he is happy doing and enjoys. After all, we work to live and not live to work!