dinsdag, december 28, 2004

The Dutch Christmas according David Sedaris

I think David Sedaris is a brilliant writer. I came across this link the other day that leads to him reading his story Six to Eight Black Men. About a third of the way through, he relates the Dutch story and tradition. And I swear, he has it down perfectly. After you listen to it, you can buy the cd it comes off of from here:
Amazon.com: Books: David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall

Just to give a little preview, the six to eight black men he's talking about are those who accompany Sinterklaas on his holiday journey. Ian says they're black because of the soot get when they go down chimneys. He portrayed Zwarte Piet (Black Peter) last year. They swear here that this is not racist. I'm not going to say any more about that. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words; you be the judge.

Zwarte Piet Ian (is it just me, or is he actually prettier than any of The Supremes?)