zaterdag, april 16, 2005

The bachelors' day out

Natalie got in yesterday morning in good shape. She's pretty jet-lagged, but she felt good enough to have about 19 cups of coffee and some beer and wine throghout the day and last night. We'll see if her tactic works. She's asleep now.

I think she'll do pretty well today - although we covered a lot of ground yesterday. She was able to see where the wedding will be and we brought her up to speed on what we've done (I think alomst everything) and what still needs to be done (hopefully not too much). She loves the places we've chosen - although she's still not completely sold on the idea of walking down the aisle holding big sunflowers as a representative from Kansas. I suppose there's room for negotiation...

She's still sleeping, although I'll have to wake her after I've finished writing this. Today is our "Bachelor party", although I think it's more like and entire day and evening rather than just a night out. I have no clue what we'll be doing, only that we're to be home today, wearing old clothes. We should have another pair of clothes packed, and at 10 AM something "unexpected" will be happen. Natalie's keeping quiet about it all.

I'll take my camera, so check back later for updates.

Meanwhile, Mom's bringing over a base for our wedding cake topper. We wondered about the topper - we just didn't like what was available. Finally, we found a delftware piece that's of two boys kissing.
How can you beat that? So Mom's going to fix it up into a proper wedding cake topper.

Here's a picture I took yesterday of the Academiegebouw - the place where we'll be married.