vrijdag, maart 25, 2005

I've not died. And Paris.

I thought it had just been a couple days since I've posted instead of almost two weeks. I haven't written partly because I don't have a camera right now. Relying only on my prose to paint a picture of what's going on leaves me feeling a little lost.

But also, my Dutch classes have been winding up for this session. The final is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Suddenly, I'm a little insecure about that, so I'm gearing up for a long weekend of studying. Well, except for this evening and tomorrow and Sunday. Eddie's coming for a visit. Both Ian and I are looking forward to seeing him - I think he's our only friend nearby who is a native English speaker. But other than Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'm going to be studying all weekend long. You can count on it.

Then, after the test, I'll look in to getting another camera. I'll also update the wedding site so that everyone will know where everyone else is staying and you will all be able to find each other.

Finally, so more travel links. This first is a site that explains that some Paris hotels are paying a tribute to World War 2 Veterans. The hotels listed will give 15% off to descendants of WWII veterans. The offer lasts until May 8, 2005.

The other is a thing called the Eiffel Tower News. It's got some good information on hotels in Paris, and also some general info about Paris.

This has some good links and information - click on the monuments on the left side of the site.

Finally, again, sorry for the lack of posts. It'll pick up again next week. And who knows - maybe I'll include a picture or two!