donderdag, april 14, 2005

Atwood Kansas

The link to an open letter written by a webmaster (Daniel) for Atwood, Kansas, has been making the rounds. Daniel replaced Atwood's webpage after they voted by an overwhelming margin to pass a state constitutional amendment banning not only marriage to two persons of the same gender, but also to ban benefits to anyone in a relationship that looks like a marriage but isn't. Daniel was . . . upset. A week later, his letter disappeared.

Read the letter here.


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Thanks for sharing the letter, Scott. It has to be so disappointing to see the residents of one's home state vote to basically deprive you of the rights they enjoy themselves and deem you as a lesser citizen. I hope and pray that Daniel will find freedom and happiness some place on this great earth.

11:11 p.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said...

I'm sorry Daniel had to leave Atwood. I don't know him and I'm pretty sure he doesn't know me, but I think his work for the town, especially through the home page, deserves my appreciation and that of the citizens of Atwood. I applaud his letter. I think he needed to speak his mind.
Being a fat, old, heterosexual Atwoodite---and one who plans to retire there---I wish there weren't so many misinformed people making misinformed decisions, but we are all guilty of that, and we all fear what we don't know---me included. That is true in a small town or a big city. I'm going to look to the 100+ who voted for acceptance. I wish Daniel could have looked to them as well.
I hope he finds all that he is seeking.


11:07 p.m.  

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