donderdag, april 07, 2005

The Wedding Dance and the Kansas Amendment

In about an hour, Ian and I will be trying to learn how to dance like a proper gay men. We're doing this because ... well, because we can, I guess. "The first dance" is just one of those things that people do when they get married, and if those downright ugly Wickham Wedding Bells that will be tastefully hidden somewhere around the wedding cake aren't proof enough that we don't easily break with tradition, well, I guess that our wedding dance will be another example.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Kansas has passed that dang amendment that prevents gay people marrying, as well as preventing anyone enjoying any benefits from being involved in anything that looks like a marriage, but isn't.

I'll post more on this later, but I'm going to go to post this then get on my bike and go to my dance lesson. And you can bet that I'll be thankful that I may dance here, even if I'm not really able to do it like a proper homosexual. And you know what? For me, right now, being allowed to dance at my own wedding is reason enough to live here instead of Kansas. It's just that simple.



Anonymous Anoniem said...

It sounds like a good enough reason to me. At some point it's just time to move on to a place where you are free to be you.
About the dance thing ... it doesn't really matter HOW you dance, just THAT you dance and enjoy the moment.

11:35 p.m.  

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