maandag, mei 08, 2006

Why I haven't written

I'm not mad at you, I'm just busy.
I got a new job in Maastricht,

we've been to Paris with Natalie,

saw Janine and Chris get married,

and spent a day with Lieke and Gert-Jan in Rotterdam.

I'll try to be better at this. Soon.

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Anonymous Anoniem said...

Does this new job in Maastricht mean a long commute for you each day?

3:56 p.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said...

I just saw where Maastricht is on a map. It looks like it's in the nether regions of the Netherlands (I didn't know the country went that far to the south). No doubt it is a pretty good commute, but nice looking place. It must have an interesting history.

4:34 a.m.  

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