woensdag, augustus 25, 2004

The Intro

One month ago tomorrow, I got on a plane and flew from Wichita, Kansas to Schiphol airport in The Netherlands and started this latest phase in my life. Now, almost a month later, a blog. It's come to this.

So first things first: Why am I doing this (the blog, I mean, not the move...)? Well, there are a couple of reasons. One is that a lot is happening and I want to be able to let you know what those things are. Another is that our wedding is coming up and there are lots of things going on with that. I want to let you know what the plans are looking like so that hopefully you'll get excited enough that you'll book a flight and come to it.
I'm not sure how the interactive portion of this works. Hopefully you'll be able to post questions or comments and I can address them. If you want a picture of something, I'll try to get it. If you need help with sites for flights or accomodations, I'll post them. If you find a good deal on flights or a place to stay, you can post it and everyone will be able to take advantage.
I think there's a way to add Ian to this so he can also write - I'll figure that out later. This isn't going to be very elegant for awhile - I'm just going to try to find my way around and hope it will get better as time goes on.
Maybe the best way to start would be to post some emails that I've written to people. I think I'm also going to be able to add some pictures. Once I have that done, I'll post it. I'll try not to post too much all at once, but since I've got a month to make up for the first couple of posts might be a little big.


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