vrijdag, januari 07, 2005

A new year and a new job?

I've been busy, sorry there've been no posts for awhile. Mostly I've been editing from home. I've also been doing some baking. Ian's folks gave us an oven for Christmas. It's pretty darn wonderful.
Wichita was hit by an ice storm, 67,000 are still without power. 17 degrees Farenheit. Everyone should have power back by this time next week.
(Taken by Michael Kuss on his property in Butler County, Kansas)

I called my renters and my house is fine. Although they lost power, it was only for a couple of hours. Luckily, all the trees made it.
Pat is without power, though. She, Sid and Molly are staying with Sid's mom for the duration. "At least it's not a Tsunami," says Pat.
Mom has power, but her doors are frozen shut. She said she burned a piece of toast and couldn't open a window to get rid of the smell. Not good, but she was also counting her blessings; it wasn't a tidal wave.
Meanwhile, the weather here has been great. Ian and I took a stroll down the old canal the other night. It was really nice - the Christmas lights are still up in the trees and on the bridges over the canals.
The news - I think I'm going to take a new job. Ian and I met with the President of Translegal today, and really liked what he's doing. It's too early to talk about it in detail yet, but I think what he wants and the types of things I want to do are a good match. If everything goes well, I'll make a trip to Stockholm next month to train, then start. I hear February isn't the best time to visit stockholm, but I'm looking forward to it. I haven't been to Sweden before, and I've wanted to visit. Lucky you, more pictures!