woensdag, februari 23, 2005

London . . .

was great.

The night before we left, Ian's new teaching and research position with the University Utrecht was announced at a dinner for his section. He doesn't go on about it, but it's a big deal. I'm really proud of and happy for him.

We would have taken pictures of the evening, but the trusty digital camera I've had for almost ten years ago has apparently died. I've missed it tremendously - especially on our trip to see Eddie in London.

We took the train from Utrecht to Rotterdam, then transfered to Brussels, then hopped on board the Eurostar train to London. It took about as long as it would have taken us to fly into London, but I liked it better than flying. The actual flight time is much faster, but there's a lot of waiting around when you fly, and it's difficult to be productive during that wait. The train is slower, but customs is a breeze and you travel with your luggage next to you. Also, with the train you get off right in the heart of London (Warerloo), so it's very easy to get to your final destination.

We stayed in West Hampstead with some of Ian's friends. The location was great, as were they. There are several people in Ian's life that I really look forward to getting to know better, and Alyssa and Arieh are two of them. They're going to have a baby a couple of weeks before our wedding, so we were happy we were able to spend time with them now.

We made the trip because I wanted to see Eddie dance. Finally. He's been with Pina Bausch's (amazing) company for quite some time, but I've not seen them before. The show we saw, "Palermo Palermo", was incredible. Eddie was, too. It's one of those things you just have to see to understand, but this review paints a relatively accurate picture. I wish I had been able to see him dance before now.

Nicola might be in London dancing next month. I'm not sure exactly the where and when of it, but I think this she might be there with this.
I'll try to write a little more tomorrow. Dutch classes have started up again, so I've been a litle busy since we got home.