maandag, mei 16, 2005

Exchange of Vows and Rings

Helen led us through our vows, which we had written.

Dearest Scott
At that moment when you walked through the door at Nancy’s house in Kansas, I knew my life was never going to be the same again.
I knew from that moment that you were the man I was destined to be with.
When the last thing on my mind at night was you and the first thing in the morning was you, I realised that I had fallen for the man of my dreams.
I feel that together we can achieve anything, that the world knows no bounds and our hopes and dreams are limitless.
You have an ability to calm my fears and provide a place of serenity in a fast moving world.
I hope that in the years to come our deep bonds of strength, support and love will continue to grow.
From this day forth I promise to be there for you in any which way I can.
Dearest Scott, you have made me the happiest man alive.

It’s been over two years, and I still feel both as though we’ve just met and that we’ve known each other forever.
Before I met you, I thought I had done everything I wanted to do, but you have shown me how wrong I was, and added more dimension, depth and laughter to my life than I thought possible.
You’ve made what could have been a difficult adjustment easy for me. Each day reaffirms the choice I made to join my life with yours.
I look forward to the journey ahead of us, and the promise of a future facing our lives together as a united front.
Thank you for reminding me that it really is, after all, only love that matters.

The exchange of Rings