maandag, mei 16, 2005

The reception

Leaving the hall

Entering the garden

A waiter

Did we just do that?

Christophe, Veelke and Stefan

Petals instead of rice...

The cloister and herb garden

Marius and Veelke

Ian, Dan, Scott

Statue, Jan-Gert, Lieke

Ian, Mom, Scott

Holding Hands

Adam and Jude

Becca and Dave


Chris and Bente

The fountain

Harriet, Christoph

Jenny, Kathryn, Greg, Katherine and Kirsti

John and Jeffrey - taking the flowers to the party!

Matt and Mel



Pamela and Mum

Portia and Matthew

Dad and Steve

Ian, Jancy, Scott, Bobbi and Dan

Scott and Jancy

J.D. and Bill

Pamela and Dad

Dan and Jancy

The reception musicians - incredible players.

Becca and mom


The cake

Kissing Dutch boys

John, Ken and Jeffrey

Ian, Scott and Stephan

Steve and Yvonne

Thomas (Ian's Best Man)

Tom, Dave, Kitty and Portia

Erasmus year friends