vrijdag, november 12, 2004

A grey, drizzly pre-winter day in Utrecht . . .

Nancy asked me to check out some potential dorms for law students for the program next summer, so I got on my bike and went exploring. I didn't find the dorms, but really enjoyed the change of seasons. It's not freezing, but it is getting much cooler. Everyplace looked different today, so I thought I'd share some pics in this post. This is really a beautiful city.

The next few are of the cloisters shared by the church and the Utrecht University Academic Building. This is where our reception will be next April.

Here's the church from the side with the flying buttresses.

And finally, a picture of the mist-surrounded Dom, in the background. The Dom and church (this is one of many churches in Utrecht, although they're not all used as churches now) have been the center of the city since the beginning of its history. They used to be tied together, but the portion (kind of a long hall) between the tower and the church was destroyed by a freak storm several hundred years ago. [Ian, who has obviously spent more time in churches than I have, assures me this "portion" is called a nave.] Some books say the storm was a tornado. I don't know about that, but it must have been one heck of a storm. At any rate, the Dom tower is a separate structure now, and there is a plaza where the fallen portion of the church once stood.

Misty Dom

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