vrijdag, januari 07, 2005

Ian's Graduation

I've been meaning to post these pictures for quite awhile, just haven't gotten around to it yet.
I made a trip to Utrecht last year. I came for Ian's graduation ceremony. We flew from here to London, then took the train to Cambridge, where he got his Master's last March.
Actually, he graduated several years ago. Cambridge and Oxford do degrees differently than anyplace I know about. You go to school, get your Bachelor's degree, then you leave. A couple of years later, if you're not dead or in jail, they have you come back for a day and give you a Master's.
The ceremony was in Latin, so I was lost. I'm sure it would have been very meaningful, several centuries ago to anyone who spoke that language. I would have taken pictures inside, but cameras were forbidden.
Ian went to Cambridge's Christ College, where he was President of his class. He won't tell you this unless you ask, but he got a first in law. He also won't tell you unless you ask that a "first" at Cambridge is what they call those who are first in their college.
Oh wait - he now says the reason he won't tell you that is because that's not right at all. He tells me that a "first" is the same as an "A" at a U.S. college. "So you weren't first in your college?" I ask.
"Well, yes," he says, "I was. But I wasn't first in the University, I was fourth."
Annoying little piglet, isn't he? But he still won't tell you any of that unless you ask.

On to the photos...

This is Ian's Mom, Dad and Ian standing in front of the place the ceremony was, on the windiest of windy days.


Ian's cowl, from the back. Don't worry, no animals were killed to make these worthy-of-a-drag-queen garments.

This is Ian and the colleagues he most relied on while he was at Cambridge (not to say that he doesn't still): Adam, Becca, Katrina and Matt. I'm not sure where Portia is. Or Vicky, who I have heard so much about. Sadly, I never actually met the witch her.

Ian's mum couldn't stand all that fake fur on her son instead of her. Here she is, asking the world to believe that she is the happy graduate.

Ian & Jean

Later that night we went for dinner to celebrate. Many toasts were made. Here's Becca, Portia, trying to keep up with Jean.

And all of us at the table: Me (sliding off my chair), Ian, Adam, Becca, Portia, Jean, Ray & Katrina