maandag, mei 16, 2005

Lieke sings

Our dear friend, Lieke Coenraad, sang. Beautifully. We chose Rachmaninaff's Vocalise. It's a haunting song with no words. The thought was that with no words, everyone would understand. Vocally, it's a very tough song. It takes a lot of control. Lieke's phrasing was truly gorgeous.

We had hope that Lieke's boyfriend, Gert-Jan, would be able to accompany her. As it turned out, he injured his wrist and was unable. (Good news - Lieke's forcing him to rest and not play, sitting on him when it's required. He's healing.) Lieke came to our rescue and asked a Russian friend of hers, Tatjana Kiourou, to play for us. She was a brilliant pianist.

Pamela and Ken