zaterdag, oktober 08, 2005

De Woonbeurs - Amsterdam Home Design Show

Chris, Janine, Ian and I went to a home show in Amsterdam last weekend. We're all looking for ideas for our new houses. We liked the chairs - the design was fun and they were very comfortable.
(More pics after the jump)

Chris was obviously up for a good time.

The sinks and fireplaces were worth the trip - everything else was a bonus.

Above is my fave.

It was huge - we spent about 3 hours there, and I think we could have spent a couple more very easily, but they threw us out at 10. It was raining when we left. Our train stopped at Duivendrecht and we had to wait in the rain for a bus - I guess the electicity went out, so the trains couldn't function safely. We got home, completely soaked, sometime after midnight. Chris and Janine got home even later and wetter.

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