zondag, september 25, 2005

Jake writes about the Kansas State Fair

Growing up, there were about ten days every September that I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. I hesitate to mention this because I know you'll go green with envy unless you grew up there too, but I grew up in Hutchinson - the town that hosts the Kansas State Fair.
I was especially lucky in that after the rides were trained in from someplace else, they were pulled by huge semi-trucks down Poplar Street to the fairgrounds - about 10 blocks from my house.
Jake Euker wasn't quite as lucky as me. Although he did grow up in Hutchinson, he didn't live close to Poplar. Even so, his writings on the Fair had me unexpectedly spitting coffee out of my nose. Truth be told, I had forgotten many of the things he writes about in the articles below, but it all came flashing back.
For anyone who enjoyed a state fair when they were a kid, these are must reads:
"The State Fair Changes While It Stays the Same and The Fair Almost Feels Like the First Time", (both via F5: Wichita's Alt News)
Thanks, Jake.