dinsdag, september 20, 2005


I really like Inhabitat. It's about architecture and sustainable living and life. Inhabitat covers things I just don't see anywhere else.
The other day I read this while I was there. Now that I live below sea level, I read it a little closer than I would have a couple of years ago.
As we get ready to close on our house, I wonder . . .


Anonymous Anoniem said...

My husband thinks I'm being overly cautious, but in our hunt for a house in The Netherlands, I make use of the Geo-Loket Hoogtemeter (the link is found on this page: http://www.rdnap.nl/faq/faq.html ).
Simply enter in your postcode, and you'll find out how high above sea level (or below, for half the country) you are sitting.

7:53 a.m.  
Blogger Scott said...

Thanks Geoff - the new place is 1.2 meters above sea level. :-)

8:01 a.m.  

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