dinsdag, augustus 16, 2005

Border update

No problems with the Bulgarian border police. On arrival there, after I handed them my passport they asked for my boarding pass. That confused me a little. I'd never been asked for a boarding pass once I arrived at a destination and had left the plane. I think they wanted it because I travel with a U.S. passport, but came on a charter flight filled with Dutch passengers. Maybe they thought I was trying to sneak in, or something. (Although when you think about it, who sneaks in to Bulgaria?)
At any rate, I couldn't find my boarding pass. Silly me, I thought it was only used to board the plane. Anyway, I went to the back of the line to look for it and eventually found it - I'd used it as a bookmark. After I found it and went through the line again, there weren't any other questions asked.

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