vrijdag, augustus 05, 2005

The House

Remember that house for which we put in an offer? We didn't get it. There was another bidder, and the sellers decided to negotiate with him first. Apparently the negotiations went well and he ended up with the house. Grrrr. It's ok, though. Although we liked the house, there were things that would have made it difficult to sell later.

aNNabaNAna, on the other hand, got the keys to her new house and is starting the fix up. I'm envious.

Still, it's not all gloom and doom for us. We have appointments to see three more houses on Monday, then on Tuesday we head out for a vacation on the Black Sea. Life could be worse. I'm telling you, though, that I am ready for some sun. It's been cool here, and it's raining yet again as I type this.

A little break will be good, too. I finished my latest Dutch class today. The test was yesterday, then today we got the results. I passed, which is actually a little surprising given the amount of studying I didn't do. I came up with an outline last weekend, then studied it a bit on Wednesday before Thursday's test. You can't cram for the listening tests, though, and it kicked my ass. Still, I passed. Maybe we'll celebrate a little tonight. Farscape vids, homemade chocolate chip cookies and a good bottle of wine.