zaterdag, juli 23, 2005

Some leftovers

I haven't posted in quite awhile. Life.

I'm in those intensive Dutch classes I think I mentioned - 6 hours a day. Ian's finishing his book - he hands it in next week. Meanwhile, we've also been looking at houses - just to see how much stress we can take before cracking, I think.

We were doing pretty well. We found a house and sucessfully navigated through the maze of mortgages. We put a bid in yesterday and felt great about our chances. The house was a good one for us. No one had bid on the house yet, and it's been on the market now for almost 6 months. Two hours later we got a call that there was another bidder that put in an offer at the same time we did. On top of that, the owner might have cancer, so the house might be taken off the market.

After feeling guilty about our being depressed when the owner probably would have quickly traded her condition for a good, satisfying bout of depression, we were still left thinking we had about reached our limit. We decided to put in our bid and hope for the best, but we're both thinking that what they will probably do, given her illness, is opt out of the process and not go through the stress of moving. We can't begrudge them that, but if you completely forget that there are other human beings involved, we really would like to get the house.

So - that's why you haven't heard from us. Work and excitement and joy and depression and guilt. Like I said, "Life".

Anyway, I've got some leftover links I thought were interesting from many weeks ago. Since I don't feel like studying, I'll add them now.

This is a This is a personal world map. Let it know your info and it will show you where you can get to, given the time and money you're willing to spend.

"The Heterosexual Revolution" is a good reference article for those who insist that homosexuals are destroying "traditional" marriage.

Google Map Transparencies are a pretty cool mixing of sattelite views of where want to go and a street map that provides directions. Try it. You'll be amazed.

A9 Maps provide an entirely different, very fun way to discover places. They're taken pictures of the streets and streetfronts of major cities throughout the US. You can enter an address of a shop you want to find and see what it looks like before you go. It saves the hassle of fighting traffic while searching for a store you've never seen.


Anonymous Anoniem said...

sorry to hear about the house bid. buying property is a bitch, but waiting for the mortgage is a bigger bitch. i'm going through all those, so i would tell you to prepare yourself for a hella waiting. hope things would turn better soon!!

6:20 p.m.  

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