maandag, mei 16, 2005

Almost ready ...

The wedding venue. (Lots more photos after the jump - click on "Continue reading".)

You could tell the Cambridge contingent by the women's stylish hats. (By the reception, the envy became too much for at least one Cambridge man, who borrowed one for himself.)

Scott's brother, Dan, checks the flowers.

The trumpet player and organ. The music was incredible. The organ was built in the 1700's, and its sound fills the hall. We entered to a trumpet and organ arrangement of "Simple Gifts", a traditional Quaker song.

Jancy pins on Mom's corsage.

Someone said to us that the Registrar performed the civil ceremony, but the beauty of the day was the religious ceremony. It was gorgeous.

We took some photos in front of the Academigebouw before the ceremony.

Ian, with Mum and Dad.

Ian, Dad, Ian's sis Pamela, and Mum.

Ian, Scott's brother Ken, Mom, Scott's sis Jancy. Scott and Scott's brother Dan.

Both of our families.

Ray, Nancy, Jean and Scott.