donderdag, juni 02, 2005

OK, so I'm an American.

I admit it. And here I was being so Dutch. Well, mostly.

I mean, I would have voted for the EU Constitution, so maybe I'm not so Dutch. Then again, the majority of those in Utrecht voted for the Constitution. I also would have voted against shopping on Sunday here in Utrecht (also on our ballot). Those in Utrecht also voted against it. Maybe it's that I'm more of an Utrechtian (Utrechter? Utrechtese?) than Dutch.

So the "shopping on Sunday" thing. As it is now, we have Sunday shopping on the first Sunday of each month. On every other Sunday the stores are closed. By law, I guess.

Several have asked me why I would have voted against opening the stores on Sundays. Well, it's simple.

I'm selfish.

I like having the city to myself every once in a while. This is an incredibly gorgeous city, and I like being able to meander through it without having to watch where I'm going. I like to slowly bike down the Oudegracht without having to worry about knocking over, or being knocked over by, one of the thousands of shoppers. Crowds can be good, but I also like the quiet and calm. And on Sunday, three days a month, that's what you find out on the streets. Is it so much to ask for?

And really, you can still shop on Sunday at, right?

OK. So yes. I am an American after all. I do still like to shop whenever I want - it's just that to me, a fix from a virtual store is as good as the one you get from a real one. And if Amazon on Sunday isn't bad enough, it just got worse. Now there's "Dealazon". It's a Beta program. Oh dear god, please let it be so buggy that it doesn't last. It's to Amazon what Sidestep is to travel. Kind of. Not really, but it does find you the best bargains to be had on

You want proof? I just bought a KitchenAid K45WSSWH Classic Series 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer with Spatula, White by KitchenAid - On Sale for $119.99. That's less than 100 EURO! AND SHIPPING WAS FREE!!

OK, no. They don't ship to Europe. And yes, I already have a KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer with Spatula, Black by KitchenAid - and no, the Classic isn't wired for European electricity either, but I couldn't resist. I caved. Proof. I'm still an American.

So Pat - it's being shipped to your house because they won't ship it here. Well, that and I have to hide it from Ian. We'll figure out how to sneak it over here later. Now all that remains is for me to figure out how I tell my hubby.

Any suggestions?



Blogger knottyboy said...

You are such a bruja de la cocina [kitchen witch] I love that you selfishly like slow bike rides in your no-shopping-on-Sunday-town and that you relish your kitchen appliances. A boy after my own heart :)

3:56 a.m.  
Blogger Nam LaMore said...

hi there! i haven't been to this blog in a bit - it wasn't on my front page, but it will be now for easy/fast access .. so now i've added you to my blog parade .. i'm all about being passive.

wow, you actually admit you're an american in this climate of anti-americanism (don't think that's a real word; oh well, hasn't stopped me from making up words before).

that's an odd law (close every other sunday) -- all types of shops, or just certain types? cuz i would imagine food-related places (grocery stores, bars, restaurants, etc) would protest. not to mention, it's bad for tourism.

8:14 a.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said... said the language was close to Klingon(Sp)So wouldn't that make you a U-trekki????


2:14 a.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said...

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1:02 p.m.  

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