vrijdag, mei 20, 2005

Things I've come across in the past month

This is stuff I've bookmarked to post once everything calmed down, which it officially has. Almost. For most of these, although I caught the link, I can't remember who initially referred it.

This one deserves a post of its own, but I'll put it here anyway. Europe: Eclipsing the American Dream?

I forgot to add this to our wedding registry. Oh well. Christmas is coming... Kronan Cycle

This one's for Ian. How to get that perfect shave.

This one was for Dan, but I already sent it to him. He liked it. Take a bunch of pictures that make a panoramic view, dump them into this program, an voila - it stitches them all together and you have a beautiful panoramic view. AutoStitch.

This is for everyone. Voluntary Simplicity & Simple Living Resource Guide - What is Voluntary Simplicity?

Email large files quickly, securely, and easily! Use this to send files that are way to big to send through email. Works great for songs and movies. (Are you listening, Janine and Chris?)

YaGoohoo!gle - a combination of Yahoo and Google side by side.

For Microsoft users, this one gives keyboard combinations to quickly access programs, functions, and documents. Save time with quick computer shortcuts.

And for Windows XP: Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Open a Folder


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Re the Rick Steeves article, Canada must be in Europe, because we have the same differences with the USA on almost every point. Certainly the quality of life is better here with less violence, more social spending, a consistently very high level of basic education, universal public health care, etc.. Our armed forces are also only used for peacekeeping and not making war. We must have values more similar to Europeans than to Americans.

11:39 p.m.  

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