vrijdag, september 02, 2005


The Katrina we know and love is on the left, next to Portia.
I've thought a lot about Katrina in the past couple of days because we're going to have to miss her housewarming and we really hate that. But also because that bitch in Louisiana is giving our Katrina a bad name.

I'm wondering if the coverage of Katrina in the U.S. is at all similar to what it is here. First, let me just say that I love Anderson Cooper's news reports. He used to be my celebrity crush - before I was married. Now, of course, I just think he's a very good reporter. Yeah. That's it. Anyway, I watched him on European CNN and as usual, he asked exactly what everyone was wondering. The media here has finally started to mirror Anderson, asking how the U.S. can be so "good" at fighting wars and so bad at preventing deaths on its own soil? It reminds me of the early response to AIDS.

Although i know most of this country is below sea level, I haven't worried too much about flooding here in The Netherlands, but I do wonder about it a little more now. I suppose it's like tornadoes in Kansas and earthquakes in California - you just live with them. I was happy to read that The Netherlands has offered to share their expertise in building polders and dikes. I hope the help is taken.

For all those in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, our thoughts are with you.