dinsdag, september 28, 2004

Questions for wedding guests

So Ian and I were just sitting here feeling excited about Jancy and Bobbi and Dan and Patty and Cameron and Ken and ... oh - Ian is rolling his eyes and telling me to just leave it at that for now and get to the point. Anyway, we were wondering about those of you who were going to plan on being here for 10 or more days, and if you wanted to plan trips to other European cities together while you're here.

We would suggest one of the following: Paris, London, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Madrid, Barcelona or the Swiss Alps. The above are in no particular order, but none are too far from us. We can get information about cheap flights, hotels, etc. for you. We've found that for travel in Europe, it's much cheaper to get the tickets here, if you buy them in advance. Current flight prices are about 70 Euros to get to Switzerland (1 Euro = $1.22 today), 50 Euro to get to London, 150 Euro to Madrid, 60 Euro to Berlin, and 110 Euro to Prague. You can also get to all of these places by train, and it will be less.

We'll probably do a day in Amsterdam for anyone who wants to come along, but we also know that you may want time away from everyone and explore by yourself. If you want to explore on your own, don't worry - nothing is mandatory.

There are also tons of places and things to do in The Netherlands. At the time of the wedding, there should be some beautiful gardens with flowers in bloom. As an example, you can visit http://www.keukenhof.nl - their site says: "Keukenhof was originally the herb garden ("keuken" means kitchen in Dutch) of the Countess of Holland, Jacoba van Beyeren (1401-1436). In 1840, the horticultural architects Zocher, a father and son, designed the park that forms the basis of the current Keukenhof. They also designed the noted Vondelpark in Amsterdam." Keukenhof is near Leiden.

As for accomodations here in Utrecht, we're going to start researching that towards the end of this week.

Let us know what you think - if you post a comment by clicking on the envelope link at the end of this post, everyone will be able to see it.

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