zaterdag, februari 05, 2005

Man pees his way out of avalanche

Now that I have some time to spend surfing, I though I'd start posting links to some of the places I happen by during the day. Some are just bizarre (like the first), others make me think and still others I think may interest specific people.

So here you go:
Man pees his way out of an avalanche.

The art of seeing without sight. This is pretty cool, about how some people who have never seen can still draw.

The next couple are mainly for Jancy, but also good for all travelers:
Off to London ( travel tips, pt. 1)
Get on the bus ( travel tips, pt. 2)
Back from London ( travel tips, pt. 3)

Although the next two are written for NYC, they have relevance here too, and probably for most major cities all over the world as well.
Jason's rules for the NYC subway
How to not get your bike stolen in New York City This one is particularly appropriate to those of us who live in The Netherlands.

Especially for Ian, Nancy, Karen, Natalie, and all writers and researchers everywhere. Tool For Thought

And finally, two having to do with marriages between two people of the same gender.
Judge strikes down New York's ban on same-sex marriage
Ohio's Gay Wedding Ban tested