dinsdag, februari 01, 2005

Happy New Year

We spent New Year's Eve with Chris and Janine.
This is Thomas brewing some mulled wine made from a recipe he brought with him from East Germany, while Chris looks on and wonders if it's too soon to ask again how long it will be before it's ready.

It was a good group of people from a variety of different backgrounds - four from The Netherlands, two from South Africa, one from East Germany, one from England and one from the US.

I wish I had pictures of the fireworks - I'd never seen anything like it. Almost everyone took their massive collections of fireworks and set them off in the streets. I'm not talking just firecrackers, snakes, roman candles and bottle rockets. These were displays! It lasted for hours. Finally, the everyone started to go back inside, and at around 2 in the morning we felt like it was safe enough to get on our bikes and go home.