woensdag, april 05, 2006

Budapest Spas

You can't visit Budapest without being aware of the influence of Turkish style thermal baths, or spas. Budapest lies on the geological fault separating the Buda Hills from the Great Plain, and more than 30,000 cubic meters of warm to scalding mineral water gush forth daily from 118 thermal springs.

We visited a couple of spas, and they were all we hoped they would be. This was the first one we went to. We spent an entire day here.

If you click on the map, you can see everything that's offered and where you can find it.

The next one was also nice, but although we were supposed to get a partial refund of our entry fee, they wouldn't give it to us. Turns out we were supposed to ask for it before we left the inner part of the spa. Of course, no one told us this, and there were no signs posted regarding this rule, but ...

We were so relaxed we hardly even cared. Much.

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