zondag, maart 26, 2006

Budapest, a preview


and now.

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Blogger Aethlos said...

WOW... beautiful....

11:12 a.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said...

How long ago was the "then"?

Was this is a trip to celebrate your anniversary? If I recall correctly, it must be about a year now. Congrats.

4:31 p.m.  
Blogger Scott said...

Hey Jim -
No, not a celebration, just a get away. We really needed one, and there are frequently very cheap flights top various places, so we caught one of those.
You're right, though. Our anniversary is this month. I think we're going to Paris for a long weekend.

7:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said...

Oops, guess I was too soon again. Congrats anyway though. It's nice to see that you are enjoying simple things like the walks in the park, the fresh snow, the bike rides, etc.

7:29 a.m.  

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