zondag, februari 26, 2006

Warmth and a dog

We now have heat. And electricity. (The electrician was here for about 30 minutes and got everything going again. It was just a loose wire.)

Yesterday, I put in a doggy door. I guess it's really a cat door since we don't have a dog yet. We're going to look at one tonight, though. We're not in a hurry to get one, but we're looking.
We looked at one yesterday - a cute little mutt we found on the internet.
I'm starting to wonder if looking for dogs on the internet might be kinda like looking for dates on the internet. . . Anyway, as I said, a cute little dog.

To get to the dog, we took a couple of buses and ended up in what appeared to be a decent neighborhood. The dog lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building. We took the elevator up, and heard barking the minute we stepped out. We wondered if that could possibly be "our" dog. We got closer, and it became apparent it was.

We knocked and the door opened. We were greeted by overpowering and unmistakable smell of dog shit. And all the while, the dog is barking and running around with her tail between her legs as though she's about to be attacked.

Standing in the door was an man with a half-dressed child held in the crook of his arm, perched over his huge belly. The man tried to maintain eye contact with both of us, hoping, I think, that by doing this we would wonder what had happened to his missing teeth rather than notice that his dog was completely deranged and foaming at the mouth.

Stimulated as we were by the surroundings, we still managed to notice both. After inviting us in, we noticed that dried remnants of the dog's "mistakes" were present all over his laminate floor. After trying to convince us of what a good dog she was, he decided to leave us alone with the dog for a moment while he changed his kid. I, frankly, was somewhat surprised and thrilled that he didn't put the child on the floor and change him there. Meanwhile, the dog continued to run around and bark, completely freaked out and sounding like a banshee.

Ian and I said nothing. After our stunned eyes met, we jointly made our way to the door to give our regrets. The guy wasn't having any of it. In a last ditch effort to close the sale (75 Euros), he quickly picked up the dog with the arm that didn't have a child slung over it and pushed the dog in Ian's general direction. The dog immediately started snapping like a cornered shark, but luckily his teeth never connected with Ian's flesh.

The guy then said that, really, the only problem with the dog was that she didn't like to be left alone. Then he pointed to the hole she had chewed out of the wall; apparently as proof of his statement.

Ian and I looked at each other and said, "Huh," and again gave our regrets and made our way out into the daylight.

We're not deterred. Tonight, we have a date with another dog. This one is labeled and "a beginner's dog." We can't wait to see what that means...


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Never mind the dog ... sounds like you needed to take the kid off his hands.

Don't think I could last as long without heat and electricity as long as you guys have, especially not in winter.

6:14 p.m.  

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