zondag, februari 19, 2006


We got our central heat working. Then we lost it. We'll have it again tomorrow. In the meantime, we DO have a working fireplace, so it ain't all bad.

A couple of days ago, workers came out and installed new gas pipes. Our central heat is by radiators. It was the gas pipes, though, not the water, that were shot. The builders confirmed we had bad gas leaks. Blow up the block bad. I still don't like the way the first builders tried to use information concerning our pipe leaks to their advantage, but they didn't lie about the gas pipes needing to be replaced.

The replacement wasn't as straightforward as you would think. For some reason, our furnace (ore kettle, as they call them here) is out in the shed. The gas line to it runs under our garden. So the gas men had to dig a hole through our backyard in order to replace the pipe.

Then they hooked up the fireplace (and our stove - until now, the kitchen had been all electric).

It was great to have heat again. And until yesterday, everything was good. The house seemed to get a little cold. I thought maybe it was all in my head. Ian didn't notice a thing.
This morning, I could see my breath again.
This time, it's something electric. All the lights outside and in the shed are also out. So tomorrow, an electrician will come.

In the meantime, I finished the fireplace.

It puts out quite a bit of heat - so at least it's warm downstairs. We're hoping the electrical problem won't require a complete rewire, but at least we'll have some heat if it does. And believe it or not, there's still some of Ian's wine left from his promotion - life's good.