vrijdag, februari 03, 2006


Wow. Another month since I've updated. Here's what our front yard/street/bike path looked like yesterday evening.
Ian says that in Utrecht (15 minutes east of here on bike), they didn't get any snow at all. There's still some on the ground here in De Meern as I write this. And there's a beautiful stork on the stone wall in our back garden. Hmmm. I wonder what that means. I was going to take a picture, but by the time I got set up, it flew away.

I wonder if I'll ever get the house construction pics up? As I wrote to a blogger buddy, when I have time to blog there's not much to write. When life takes me on a ride, there's not time to write.

Ian's mom is coming for the weekend. She's bringing curtains with her. Ian and I went shopping for the material in Utrecht some time ago. Did I mention that the biggest fabric market in The Netherlands is there? Several blocks of city streets are blocked off every Saturday and the vendors set up stalls and sell fabric. incredible fabric. I'm sure I have a picture somewhere...

Here we go. This is Natalie on her last visit. I'd ask her permission to post it, but she never reads this anyway. In her opinion, blogs are all about self-absorbed people and she has no time for that sort of thing. I suppose she's right...

And here's one of the street where the market is held.

And now that I've finally posted something again, I need to pick my self-absorbed self up off this sofa, get a cup of coffee and greet the day.