vrijdag, december 30, 2005

Dutch Commercial About Learning English

I'm back into my routine. Ian and I are both working again. We've still got a bit to do on the house. The ceiling in the kitchen will go up in the next couple of days. I keep meaning to continue on with my posting updates of the house, but there's just too much going on. Sometimes it seems easier just to live.

I took my Dutch integration test a couple of weeks ago. I think it went fine. I'll get results in a couple of weeks. It really doesn't mean much - I won't get thrown out if I didn't do well. I think it's more for them to know if their system is working.

I'm still not speaking enough Dutch. My neighbors don't speak Dutch, but most other people speak at least as much English as I speak Dutch.

This Dutch Commercial About Learning English is aimed at those few who don't have a great grasp of English. It's very funny, and not explicit by Dutch standards, but it's really not very work-safe for those of you outside The Netherlands... It's worth a play though.
(Thanks for the link, Jeffrey.)