donderdag, maart 02, 2006


We found a dog that fits the doggy door we put in the other day, so we brought her home. She's about 4, a medium/small sized dog - a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Terrier. Her name is Rensa, and she's well mannered and smart. My two favorite qualities in a dog.

We brought her home via a 10 minute walk from her previous owner's house to the train station, a 30 minute train trip, 20 minute bus ride, and a 3 minute walk home from the bus stop. She was wonderful the entire trip and hasn't given us a moment of grief yet.

Timo, our cat, is a little (ok, a lot) freaked out. She spent a couple of days outside in the rain, snow, cold and slush. She's now inside, but spends most of her time under a bed. I'm hoping she'll eventually discover that Rensa is ok, for a dog.