zondag, november 11, 2007

Am I well yet?

I went to the doctor Thursday morning to see if I was good to go to make the trip to Prague. She pretty much said that I was crazy to even think about it, so I guess you'll have to get your traveloghue from the Czech Republic later. Ian's already rebooked for next Spring break. I asked the doctor just how much longer I could expect to be house-bound and she said probably about 2 -3 weeks. She also said that I could start to do small things around the house and take the dog on short walks. And next week, I can even go to Amsterdam for a day if I want. I know there was a time when I would have been excited if someone told me I could spend a day in Amsterdam next week. And I do feel just a little bad about wanting to say, "A day in Amsterdam? Whoop-dee-do. But what about Prague?", but there you have it.

She said there were three reasons I shouldn't go on the trip. The first is that after walking around for 15 minutes, I will be wiped out - and Prague is a city I'm going to want to walk around in, so I would probably end up walking around in it. That won't be good for me. Also, it is damp and cold in Prague (even moreso than here, I guess, which is hard to believe), and that won't be good for me. Finally, she said that every virus on the plane and in the streets would be looking for me because I'm very susceptible to anything right now. I've caught a very small cold already, which has slowed my recovery somewhat. I thought maybe that had happened, but I wasn't sure until she looked into my throat and confirmed it was red in a way that wasn't great.
However, she also said that the rattling in my lungs is less, so I am healing. She then added that it almost always takes this long, "for someone of your age."
Those words just kind of hung in the air for a few minutes... I don't think I have ever heard them before - at least not when they were specifically directed towards me!

Anyway, it's frustrating, but I'm actually a little relieved to hear I shouldn't go to Prague. That was what the voice inside my head was saying, but I didn't want to prevent Ian from having a good vacation - he's really ready for one!

It does feel good know that there is nothing on my plate for the next couple of weeks. At least I don't need to feel guilty about doing nothing. It seems as though either "Oprah" or "As the World Turns" is on here 24/7. Maybe I'll finally see what the big deal is about Oprah. And if that doesn't work out, I can always see what's going on in Oakdale...

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Anonymous Anoniem said...

Scott, just checked your blog for the first time in like a year. Holy smoke, what happened to you guy - getting old or something? (just good natured kidding, bud)

Over 50 is called over the hill for a good reason. I have to constantly do stretching physiotherapy in order to walk normally, as I (out of the blue) now have Achilled tendonitis in my right heel. I realize it is nowhere near as serious as what you are describing that you are fighting through and I can imagine there is a lot of anxiety that comes with your pneumonia given your family health history.
I hope it all works out ok for you and Ian.

Oh by the way ... when I went to get my hair cut, the girl (I think only a teenager) quickly said, "Senior, sir?". Not believing my ears, I asked, "What?". She repeated it. I was flabbergasted and informed her I am only in my early 50s. She was only trying to offer a discount, but I was ready to slap her face ... lol.

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