zondag, oktober 03, 2004

Guides and links for travel in Holland

OK - here are some links you may want to know about if you're thinking about coming here for the wedding. I might mention that if you have a birthday coming up, you might not want to buy the linkable stuff until after the big day. I'm not saying you're going to get any of it, but better safe than sorry...

This page is on The Lonely Planet site and is full of free and useful information. Check it out and surf the links when you've got spare time. It's great for people who haven't traveled too much, and has some nice links for frequent travelers as well.Lonely Planet SubWWWay

This is a guide I like. It's easy to read and has maps and history that the others don't have. Lonely Planet's Netherlands Guide

A book that Ian recommends, and one I also like, can be found here. Holland Eyewitness Travel Guide. It has a little less history, but has lots more pictures and descriptions of places to shop, eat, drink and stay. We use frequently use the one by the same publisher for Amsterdam when we go there - although I sometimes suspect we use it because it's in Dutch and that means Ian can decide where we go. Hmmm. Yet another reason for me to quit writing on this blog and go study my homework! The one I've linked to is in English, not Dutch.

I'm not so crazy about this guy's books, but he's got a good website, and his videos are good. This link will take you to his Travel Tips. He also has a great list of travel links that you get to from the travel tips page.

There is not a link yet for hotels in Utrecht. Ian and I had a meeting today with an Utrecht tourist center, so you'll be hearing more about them. In short, they give discounts to anyone who uses them to book reservations. The web site they're setting up will provide several options in several price ranges. They won't have information on hostels, which will be the rock bottom cheapest lodgings (think bunkbeds and communal shower at the end of the hall), but we'll provide you with that information later.

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