zaterdag, maart 26, 2005

A new camera!

Eddie came to visit and brought wedding gifts - one of which was a digital camera! I'll write more later, and maybe even post some more pics of the walk we took
after brunch this morning.

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vrijdag, maart 25, 2005

I've not died. And Paris.

I thought it had just been a couple days since I've posted instead of almost two weeks. I haven't written partly because I don't have a camera right now. Relying only on my prose to paint a picture of what's going on leaves me feeling a little lost.

But also, my Dutch classes have been winding up for this session. The final is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Suddenly, I'm a little insecure about that, so I'm gearing up for a long weekend of studying. Well, except for this evening and tomorrow and Sunday. Eddie's coming for a visit. Both Ian and I are looking forward to seeing him - I think he's our only friend nearby who is a native English speaker. But other than Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'm going to be studying all weekend long. You can count on it.

Then, after the test, I'll look in to getting another camera. I'll also update the wedding site so that everyone will know where everyone else is staying and you will all be able to find each other.

Finally, so more travel links. This first is a site that explains that some Paris hotels are paying a tribute to World War 2 Veterans. The hotels listed will give 15% off to descendants of WWII veterans. The offer lasts until May 8, 2005.

The other is a thing called the Eiffel Tower News. It's got some good information on hotels in Paris, and also some general info about Paris.

This has some good links and information - click on the monuments on the left side of the site.

Finally, again, sorry for the lack of posts. It'll pick up again next week. And who knows - maybe I'll include a picture or two!

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vrijdag, maart 11, 2005

Maps of Utrecht - but wait! There's more . . .

First, a map of Utrecht, with the location of hotels highlighted.

Next, a close-up map of Utrecht's City Center, with the train station, Janskerkhof (the NH Hotel) and the Academiegebouw (where the wedding and reception will be held) highlighted.

This is a pretty good overview of Utrecht, from

And finally, an introduction to Utrecht put together by a native.


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A few remaindered links

donderdag, maart 10, 2005

Guide to public transport in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a reasonably good public transport system. Here's a basic guide to tickets, trains, buses, trams, airports and taxis.

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woensdag, maart 09, 2005

Note to self...

True to form, I haven't read this yet. Expat tax tips, part 1.

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dinsdag, maart 08, 2005

Guess why we're reading this?

Cat and Kitten Training and Behavior

Her name is Timo. (Pronounced "Team-o", if you're an American.)

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Having someone to talk to may cut young gays' suicide risk

New study of 32 gay men pinpoints abuse, fear, and shame as causes of suicide, and not sexual orientation: "Simon Louis Lajeunesse found they all shared a common link: a lifelong struggle to feel good about themselves and live in harmony with their social environment. He said those boys who know or think they are gay between the ages of six and 14 live in constant fear of being insulted, threatened or assaulted, while for those whose homosexual tendencies become apparent later, the fear of being labelled gay may fuel aggressive, anti-social behaviour." via

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zondag, maart 06, 2005

Why I love webcams... (updated)

I'm not sure who this is, but . . . well, watch it and tell me if it's not just exactly the sort of thing that makes you want to run out and buy a webcam.

Alternate links if the one above is down, try
here or here.

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dinsdag, maart 01, 2005

Travel links

Here are a couple of links about packing:
How to pack for a trip, and
One Bag (all about packing, luggage, and travelling light.)

This next one, a MUST read for anyone traveling by air, kind of goes with the two above.

And finally, from Fodor's for once you get to Holland,
Titillating Tulips: Holland's Springtime Spectacle


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The majority of the links I've put up today are from "Life hacks", by, a relatively new site that has some great things on it. Check out a way to email a 1GB file, and a Gmail Drive shell extension.

Mamamusings offers useful household tips.

Or, follow this to learn how to cut vegetables.

Finally, from Google, Google Help: a cheat sheet;

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