zondag, maart 26, 2006

Budapest, a preview


and now.

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zaterdag, maart 18, 2006


We've been in Budapest, and Í forgot to tell almost everyone we were going. Internet access is spotty, so I probably won't update until we get home next week. I'm still not sure what I think of this city, other than it's an amazing mix of old and new, East and West. The people, for the most part, don't seem to enjoy their lives. That aside, there are friendly people around.
We went to an incredible spa today. It was great - we're both more relaxed than we-ve been in months.
Anyway, we'll be back soon. Sorry if we left without letting you know...

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maandag, maart 06, 2006

Karaoke for the hearing impaired

zaterdag, maart 04, 2006

Baby it's cold outside, revisited

It is still snowy and cold here. Yesterday, I took this compilation of places I love on the way to and from my manual therapist's office (he didn't use hammers on me this time). The first couple of shots are of our street at around 9 am, the last ones are in a little zoo/park just across the street from our house and those in between are mostly in the Utrecht city center.

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donderdag, maart 02, 2006


We found a dog that fits the doggy door we put in the other day, so we brought her home. She's about 4, a medium/small sized dog - a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Terrier. Her name is Rensa, and she's well mannered and smart. My two favorite qualities in a dog.

We brought her home via a 10 minute walk from her previous owner's house to the train station, a 30 minute train trip, 20 minute bus ride, and a 3 minute walk home from the bus stop. She was wonderful the entire trip and hasn't given us a moment of grief yet.

Timo, our cat, is a little (ok, a lot) freaked out. She spent a couple of days outside in the rain, snow, cold and slush. She's now inside, but spends most of her time under a bed. I'm hoping she'll eventually discover that Rensa is ok, for a dog.

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Still winter here . . .

The main purpose of this post is to see if a short video I took can be seen through the following link. If you're seeing this, it probably works.


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