woensdag, oktober 24, 2007

Day 17

I went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup. I was feeling pretty good - I woke up for the first time in 16 days in sheets that weren't drenched from night sweats. I haven't had a fever for a couple of days. So, I was feeling pretty upbeat when I went to the doctor.
She listened to my lungs and said that I needed to slow down. That made me laugh, because I've been doing nothing other than staying in bed being waited on by Ian. (You can imagine how much he loves that!) Anyway, she said that my right lung was almost completely filled.
I guess the antibiotic they have me on (Ciprofloxine, I think) is strong, but not as deadly to bacteria as the wide spectrum antibiotic that didn't work. This one just keeps the bacteria from growing, and it's kind of up to my body to heal itself now. She said it would be at least a couple of weeks before I should do anything out of bed.
So, I left feeling a little bummed. I stopped by the store on the way home and bought some cookies covered with chocolate and toffee . I've got to say, they helped.
Ian's in Amsterdam with his German lessons tonight, so Rensa and I are holding down the fort.
Rensa's cabin fever is worse than mine. I went on a short walk with her night before last. It was just around the block - less than 10 minutes. We both needed it. I came home and couldn't move. It wiped me out.
I guess that's the sort of thing I have to stop doing.
The doc says it's serious, but I'll heal if I just don't do anything. Ian says he thinks the only thing I have left to cut out is washing my hands after going to the bathroom. Whatever. As I said, he loves looking after the loved one.
Other than that, everything is OK. It's turned cold - we had frost this morning for the first time. I think we set our clocks back this weekend. Hard to believe.

I didn't get to Maastricht to pick up my students' papers, so they're going to mail them to me. I think they'll get here tomorrow. At least then I'll have something to do!

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zondag, oktober 21, 2007

A little update

Has it really been almost a year since I last wrote something here?

Briefly, we spent last Christmas in the US with family in New York, Kansas and Colorado. We also went to D.C. (my first time there, believe it or not) for a conference. After that we came back home for a couple of weeks, then started work again.
I've really been enjoying my job. I can't remember if I've written about it or not. At first I decided I wouldn't because it was all new and I didn't know whether it would be appropriate. I think I've figured that out, and if I have time, I'll write more about my work later. It's been a fun and very exciting experiment - one I look forward to continuing.
The house is all but done, and we're enjoying living in it. We're going to replace quite a few windows and do a couple of other things to make it more energy effecient soon, but there's nothing that HAS to be done.
We've had quite a few visitors over the last year, and are looking forward to seeing more (including Rachael!) next year.
I started going to the gym again a couple of months ago. I hadn't realised how much I missed that - I hadn't really worked out since I moved here (well, I mean other than the noraml everyday biking and walking.).
I also discovered Facepage and have found a few old friends. I'm still looking for some, though. Anyone know where these people are? Cyndy Robertson, Jim Eldert from Santa Cruz, Sonrisa (who knows what her last name is now?) or any of the other people who lived on boats moored in the Monterey Bay harbor circa 1979-82? Anyone who used to work at Casa Maria or Tillie Gorts? Allen Posey from SF? I know there are others ... I remember reading that if you list the people you're looking for on a web page, when they google themselves, they might see it. So, there you go.
More recently, I've been sick for the past 2 weeks. It started as the flu, then turned into pneumonia. Nothing serious or painful, it's just worn me out enough that I can't go far from bed for awhile. As odd as this sound, I feel relatively strong for having pneumonia.
More than anything, I'm just bored. (Hence, this post, I suppose.) And my back hurts from being in bed for waaaayyyyy too long. I think I'm on the mend though.
I'm going to try to write a bit more. I've missed it.
After I get done with grading exams papers, we're going to Prague for a week. My camera has all but died - it still takes pictures, but the view screen doesn't show anything. As a result, the pictures are completely hit and miss. I'm going to think about whether I need another one before the trip or whether I'll wait awhile. The trip is pure vacation for me. Ian's been asked to speak at a conference there, then teach for a week, so he'll stay longer than me.
I need to come home, though because I have Dutch lessons starting up again. I'm going to try a program in Amsterdam this time. My Dutch is improving all the time, but I'm still not speaking as much as I should. I guess I'm just shy that way...

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