vrijdag, september 30, 2005

Winter . . .

. . . is definitely on the way.

It looks like the U.S. is in for a metaphorical chill as well:
Chief Justice Roberts just referred to Congress as the executive branch. Oops.
I guess he's nervous.

Ha! Thanks for that, Tinman.


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zondag, september 25, 2005

Batavus, mijn fiets.

We did it. We broke down and ordered a couple of decent bikes.
We won't have them for a couple of weeks, but just knowing they're on their way makes my butt feel much happier.


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Jake writes about the Kansas State Fair

Growing up, there were about ten days every September that I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. I hesitate to mention this because I know you'll go green with envy unless you grew up there too, but I grew up in Hutchinson - the town that hosts the Kansas State Fair.
I was especially lucky in that after the rides were trained in from someplace else, they were pulled by huge semi-trucks down Poplar Street to the fairgrounds - about 10 blocks from my house.
Jake Euker wasn't quite as lucky as me. Although he did grow up in Hutchinson, he didn't live close to Poplar. Even so, his writings on the Fair had me unexpectedly spitting coffee out of my nose. Truth be told, I had forgotten many of the things he writes about in the articles below, but it all came flashing back.
For anyone who enjoyed a state fair when they were a kid, these are must reads:
"The State Fair Changes While It Stays the Same and The Fair Almost Feels Like the First Time", (both via F5: Wichita's Alt News)
Thanks, Jake.

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donderdag, september 22, 2005

Prins Klaus Brug

Call us cheap, but we've discovered IKEA's one Euro breakfast! From our new house, it's not very far - only about a 15-20 minute bike ride. As an added bonus, to get there we ride our over what is arguably the most beautiful bridge in Utrecht, the Prince Klaus Bridge.
Although I had seen it from a distance, it's even nicer to ride over.

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Ons nieuwe huis!

It looks like it's ours. Our financing came through today. Beers tonight, meetings with contractors tomorrow. Yippee!

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woensdag, september 21, 2005

A cat story

You may have read Richard's blog (See "sssssturtle" over there on the sidebar). If so, you know he's from New Orleans. You also know he was evacuated from his home. One of the frustrations has been that he left his cat behind. There just wasn't time to save her. After being turned away, he was finally allowed back to check on his house and belongings. What he was most concerned about, though, was his cat, Lola. Click over to read the rest of the story.
(Ian has almost learned to say "New Orleans" correctly, btw. We're very proud.)

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dinsdag, september 20, 2005

Travel tips

I wish I had a way to file these things. I think I'd have to buy something to do that though, and I'm way too cheap. If I did have a way to file them, this one would be tagged "Travel". Click the link and you'll see why.
Link to Tricks of the trade: Traveller


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I really like Inhabitat. It's about architecture and sustainable living and life. Inhabitat covers things I just don't see anywhere else.
The other day I read this while I was there. Now that I live below sea level, I read it a little closer than I would have a couple of years ago.
As we get ready to close on our house, I wonder . . .

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Mexican food in Utrecht

Walt recently posted this recipe for Mexican lasagna. Reading it made my mouth water. Good Mexican food is hard to come by here in The Netherlands. Actually, it's hard to come by anywyere in Europe. It's one of the things I miss most.
Seeing Walt's post reminded me that I've been wanting to let people who are visiting or living in Utrecht know that there is an EXCELLENT Mexican restaurant here.
It's called "Dos Amigos",

You can find it right here in Utrecht at Van 's Gravesandestraat 27. Although we haven't tried them, they also serve Argentinian steaks.

We've been there a couple of times now. Ian likes the enchiladas,
and I think the burritos are incredible.
Now I know this looks a little burnt, but I swear to you that it was wonderful.
So now you know.
And Walt, if you ever make it over here, dinner at Dos Amigos is on me. I promise you it will be the best Mexican meal that is cooked by a guy from Iraq in The Netherlands that you have ever tasted.

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zaterdag, september 17, 2005

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone

It looks like Kevin Sites is back. (See Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone.) I'm not so crazy about the "war a day" format, but his voice has been good an important addition to mainstream coverage. If you're not familiar with his work and you've got the stomach for the reality of war, check him out.

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woensdag, september 14, 2005


Go over to www.google.com, type in "Failure" then see what pops up in first place. Go ahead. Do it.

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vrijdag, september 02, 2005


The Katrina we know and love is on the left, next to Portia.
I've thought a lot about Katrina in the past couple of days because we're going to have to miss her housewarming and we really hate that. But also because that bitch in Louisiana is giving our Katrina a bad name.

I'm wondering if the coverage of Katrina in the U.S. is at all similar to what it is here. First, let me just say that I love Anderson Cooper's news reports. He used to be my celebrity crush - before I was married. Now, of course, I just think he's a very good reporter. Yeah. That's it. Anyway, I watched him on European CNN and as usual, he asked exactly what everyone was wondering. The media here has finally started to mirror Anderson, asking how the U.S. can be so "good" at fighting wars and so bad at preventing deaths on its own soil? It reminds me of the early response to AIDS.

Although i know most of this country is below sea level, I haven't worried too much about flooding here in The Netherlands, but I do wonder about it a little more now. I suppose it's like tornadoes in Kansas and earthquakes in California - you just live with them. I was happy to read that The Netherlands has offered to share their expertise in building polders and dikes. I hope the help is taken.

For all those in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, our thoughts are with you.

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A house

I think we have a house. The negotiations are over and it looks like we'll sign next week. It's in De Meern - still officially Utrecht, but out a little ways. De Meern has population of about 20,000. We'll be in the old section - it's really nice. Very quiet and very green.
I don't think Ian slept last night. I woke up this morning and found him browsing the on-line hardware stores.
I'll update a little later, but for now, it's looking really good.

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